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A Reply to Yet Another Comment Arguing Science and Religions Are Contradictory Not Complementary

This idea that all religions behave the same and all need "faith" as an integral component set at opposition to facts is a fallacy based on the behavior of the Western religious and on fundamentalist politics around the world. Faith is about believing in the ultimate good of a philosophical journey, such as and including the quest for knowledge through the scientific method, and faith that things may be "known" indeed at all. Faith is not the opposite of facts; it is the bedrock of will upon which the concept of the fact is built. You have faith in your senses which are proven to lie, because without it you will not get to step 2. Religion is another way of thinking -- in metaphor and abstract -- about the 58th and the 99th step, far in advance, of what is above and below all levels of human awareness. You may not refute something by first reducing its definition so that it may fit in an easily refutable box. You may, with science, conclude that any and all literal interpretations of current dominant religious mythos are impossible. On that I concur.